Dire Consequences for Refusing Breath Test for Blood Alcohol While Driving in Texas

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Did you know that if you refuse a law officer’s request for you to take a breath test or a blood test to determine your blood alcohol can be used against you in court if you are arrested or cited for drunk driving or boating in Texas? You can get your licensed suspended for up to 180 days for that refusal. Texas is pretty strict on their drunk driving laws. In fact, there is a zero tolerance for underage drinking and drivers who are caught with alcohol in their blood under the age of 21 will receive criminal charges for it. Hiring a criminal attorney Houston is your best defense if this ever happens to you. You should specifically search for an attorney DWI Houston. This are the type of lawyer that make the best houston criminal defense attorney for anyone arrested on drunk driving or alcohol charges.

A attorney DWI Houston may also accept clients with other types of criminal charges as well. The FBI study that was recently done put Texas down as the second state in the nation for violent crimes. This is not a good reputation to have. California is number one though. This rating helps to explain why criminal attorneys in Houston are so busy defending clients all the time. If you are a criminal defense attorney houston TX, you are not lacking for clients, that’s for sure. You can be an attorney DWI Houston and still handle other criminal cases. You don’t have to limit your practice to attorney DWI Houston.

Rape is another frequent crime in Texas. But, Texas happens to rank 27th in the nation for rape as the statistics show that rape in Texas is reported at 30.3 out of every 10,000 people. Check bouncing is another crime that an attorney DWI will defend clients on. People who bounce checks are committing a criminal offense and can go to jail for it. If you write a check on an account that you knowingly know doesn’t have enough funds in it, it is called larceny. Larceny is another crime that is not tolerated in Texas. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Houston for any of these crimes, and others as well, contact a attorney DWI Houston. An attorney DWI Houston is a criminal defense attorney can they can most likely take your case for you too. Find out more at this site.

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