Get Local With The Rochester NY Music Scene

If you are wondering what to do in Rochester, check out my Rochester for Rochester events, music and more. The Rochester NY music scene is thriving and varied. There are many Rochester NY music events that happen year round. There are many websites that list events in Rochester NY which will be able to provide you with a wide variety of things to do in rochester.

If you are looking for a small intimate show, there are many coffee shop locations that offer Rochester NY music and open mic nights. The city offers many bar and night club venues for Rochester NY music with bands playing from every genre of music and many local DJs spinning on nights there is not a band. Larger concert venues offer food, drinks and both national and local tour headliners. For a real rock arena gig the Rochester NY music scene even offers shows on that grand scale. No matter your taste in music, country, rock, punk, hip hop, or anything in between there is somewhere in Rochester that will be pouring cold drinks and playing music you love.

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