When to Call a Houston DWI Attorney, and When to Call a Criminal One

Criminal defense attorney houston texas

If you get arrested by a law enforcement officer in Texas because he believes you to be driving or boating while drinking and you refuse to have a blood or breath test administered on site to determine whether you are above or below the legal blood alcohol concentration limit of 0.08, your refusal actually can be used against you in a court of law and your license could be suspended for 180 days or more. A Houston DWI attorney needs to be on your side should this occur. But more importantly, the best Dwi attorney houston offers has to fight in your corner for you. This is a huge risk you are taking, and legal assistance from the strongest attorney Houston offers should help clear your name.

The typical DUI attorney Houston offers is helpful in this case, but what if you need something more or different than a Houston dwi attorney? What if you were charged with bouncing a check, which is a criminal offense and therefore would require you to consult with the best houston criminal defense attorney? Or what if you were arrested for carrying an illegal firearm, where you could face as little as 18 months in a correctional facility? Worse yet, what if you have been charged with a more serious felony, which could put you in jail for 5 years or more? A Houston DWI attorney will not get the job done here. Only trusted criminal attorneys in Houston will help.

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