recetas de comida means kitchen recipes


When searching online for Spanish dishes, I sometimes find it useful to search for them by their Spanish name rather than their English name. Reason being that you will find results in Spanish that you will not in English. Some of my recetas de comida or kitchen recipes include recetas de camarones or shrimp recipes, recetas de postres or dessert recipes, recetas de tamale, or tamale recipes, and who can forget recetas fáciles, or easy recipes. Regardless of which recipe I am looking for, recetas de comida generally does work when I do not have anything too specific in mind. It is not only a fun way to find great recetas de comida, but also to learn Spanish in a way that is delicious. Sometimes I am really wanting food with pollo, or chicken. Learning the basic words for food groups means I can just search for recetas de comida, and then go from there. When I ccome across a word I do not know, I just use Google translate and then PRESTO, I just learned a new Spanish word. So regardless what kind of Hispanic food I might be in the mood for, recetas de comida will often times get me to the particular recipe I am looking for. Research more here:

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