Delicious Hispanic Desserts


If you like desserts as much as I do, and you also like Hispanic food, then you’ll probably love many postres. Postres is simply the Spanish word for desserts, and can indicate really any type of dessert, although here I use it to mean specifically dessert dishes originating in Spanish speaking countries.

Here’s one of the postres I love: flan! This delicious caramel custard, also called creme caramel, originates in Spain and is now popular worldwide. Finding a good flan recipe isn’t too difficult, although it’s tricky to make well. While you’re at it, why not also look up a tres leches cake recipe?

There’s other great dishes besides postres, though. Empanadas are a perennial favorite, as are tamales and the seafood dish ceviche. For another taste of seafood (again, obviously not postres!), how about trying your hand at recetas de camarones (shrimp recipes). So whether you’re trying out some new seafood dish, or some recetas de postres, there’s a lot of exciting cooking with which to experiment. More like this article:

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