Professional security systems or do it yourself security systems

Home alarm monitoring

Many Americans are frightened by statistics which suggest that thousands of murders and robberies happen every year. Consequently, many Americans have hired professionals to install home security alarms, house alarm systems, front point security, motion sensors, burglar alarms, and wireless home alarms in their homes to deter criminal activity. Although these home alarm monitoring systems use the latest and greatest technology, many detractors believe that they are too expensive and intrusive. Because these installation procedures often install dozens of feet of wires into the walls of the home, installation fees often run homeowners hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on top of monthly fees that the homeowner must pay to ensure that the security company continues to offer protection.

These observations explain the recent popularity of the do it yourself alarm system, which can be found in millions of American homes. The do it yourself alarm system uses many of the same security technologies as its professional counterpart but often offers a wider variety of options. For example, the homeowner may opt to obviates an expensive installation by replacing intrusive wiring with less intrusive cellular signal technologies. Instead of communicating information to the homeowner or a security company through hard wires, the cellular signal technologies in the do it yourself alarm system communicate information via flexible wireless technologies. The homeowner may also opt to pay a security company to monitor his or her home, or he or she can instead opt for a simple alarm whose loud blaring would deter any number of potential intruders. Some varieties of the do it yourself alarm system are extremely portable and can be transported to another home should the homeowner decide that he or she wants to move. On the other hand, however, the do it yourself alarm system offer less peace of mind than the professional alarm system.

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