How to Find Your Septic Tank – Benro Properties

Review the property records of the homeowners of your property First step in locating the location of your tank. You may find a map depicting the exact location of in which the tank is situated within your property. It is important to look at access ports: Tanks generally have at minimum one access port. This is typically found at the bottom of the property. The ports can be covered in concrete or lids made of plastic, so should you seek out these access points around your home and you can be able to find the tank. Be sure to follow the plumbing: Another way to locate the tank is by following the pipe. The main drain line through your house to find it. Look for indicators: Indicators in the ground can assist in finding the tank. The area you are looking for could be one where the vegetation is more lush or greener than the surrounding area, or where there’s more sunken ground or depressions. Employing a expert can assist you to locate your tank when it’s difficult to locate. A skilled plumber will locate your tank by using equipment that is specialized.

These tips will assist you to discover and maintain your tank. This will help you save money for future repairs.